Minibar Fridge 40Litres (BC-40G)

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Minibar Fridge 40Litres (BC-40G)


Semi-Conductor Minibar BC-40G

The Semi-Conductor Minibar BC-40G is a compact and efficient refrigeration unit that has a storage capacity of 40 litres. It is designed for use in a variety of settings, including hotel rooms, offices, and homes. This minibar features semi-conductor cooling technology, which provides efficient and silent cooling, making it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

The BC-40G has a compact and stylish design that fits easily into any room, and it comes with adjustable shelves and a convenient door shelf to help you organize your items. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a low noise compressor that makes it whisper-quiet, ensuring that it won't disturb your guests or coworkers.

The BC-40G also features an energy-saving mode that reduces energy consumption and helps to lower your electricity bill. With its low power consumption, it is an environmentally friendly choice for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

In conclusion, the Semi-Conductor Minibar BC-40G is a reliable and versatile refrigeration unit that provides efficient and silent cooling in a compact and stylish design. Whether you're looking to keep drinks and snacks cool in your hotel room or you need a compact refrigerator for your office or home, this minibar is an excellent choice.


Semi-Conductor Minibar 40Litres (BC-40G)

  • Capacity:40L
  • Type: Glass door
  • ECO Temp: 10-15℃;
  • Automatically evaporating drain water;
  • Margic Shelf design, convenient for storing 
    different sizes of drinks;
  • Internal LED light;
  • Insulation: Cyclopentane
  • Heater Power:10W
  • Optionals: color: Black,white
  • Size:400×420×530mm
    220-240V 50/60Hz  55W

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